Animals are only accepted for boarding under the following conditions:

1. Whilst every possible care is taken no liability whatsoever can be accepted for any loss, damage or injury to any animal or property. All animals and property are left entirely at the owner's risk.

2. All animals must be fully vaccinated and free from any contagious or infectious condition. We strongly recommend protection against contagious bronchitis (kennel cough) but we cannot accept dogs that have been inoculated in the two weeks prior to arrival.

3. All pre-existing medical or behavioral conditions must be fully specified before animal(s) are admitted - at time of booking if known.

4. Fees are per day or part thereof, however when animal(s) are booked to and leave before 11.00 on the day of departure there will be no charge for that day.

5. In the event of any accident or illness the animal will be taken to or attended by a veterinary surgeon. Where possible this will be the owner's own, otherwise a local (normally Tiptree Veterinary Centre) veterinary surgeon will be consulted. The professional opinion of the veterinary surgeon will be deemed as being in the best interest of the animal.

6. All boarding fees and uninsured veterinary fees must be settled (cash or bank transfer) prior to the animal(s) departure.

7. Only animals from the same household may share accommodation and prior written permission of the owner must be given.

8. If any animal is left for ten days beyond booked departure without contact from the owner and attempts to contact the owner fail then the animal will be deemed abandoned. The RSPCA will be informed and the animal will be re-homed or relocated to a rescue centre or otherwise dealt with in accordance with our judgment of the animal’s best interest. In any such case liability for all boarding and other costs will remain the responsibility of the owner.